Fishing the Wilds of Northern NH



North of the notches lie lakes, ponds and rivers full of bass, pike, landlocked salmon and a vast variety of trout. The fishing opportunities are limitless for both novice and seasoned fishermen. Not only are you able to try your luck at "catching the big one" here in the north country, you get to enjoy the fresh air while viewing some of the most beautiful outdoor scenery known to man and encounter wildlife amongst its natural habitat. 


Local places to purchase your NH fishing license:

  • Ducret's Sporting Goods, 140 Main Street, Colebrook, NH 03576    
  • 1st Clarksville Store, Rt. 3 and West Road, Clarksville, NH    
  • Lopstick Outfitters,  45 Stewart Young Rd., Pittsburg, NH 03592   
  • Solomon's Store, Main Street, West Stewartstown, NH 03597    
  • Tall Timber Lodge, 609 Beach Rd. Pittsburg, NH 03592    
New to the sport? NH offers a free fishing day once a year on the first Saturday of June! 
Below are a few helpful documents about fishing in New Hampshire: 
 For your fishing pleasure here's a list of recommended fishing spots located within the Metallak ATV Club trail system in Colebrook, NH:
Little Diamond Pond (brook trout and perch)
Bid Diamond Pond (rainbow and brook trout, bass and perch)
Nathan Pond 
Mohawk River (across from Diamond Peaks Store)
Connecticut River (along the rail trail)

Pittsburg,NH-Great North Woods Riders ATV Club

Lake Francis State Park lies on the shores of Lake Francis a 2,000 acre lake near the...

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