ON Road Adventures

Break away from traditional and discover a new ride and drive thrill in our brand new Polaris Slingsot, 3 wheeled, 2 passenger, auto cycle! This on road experience is like no other.




Mt. Washington Hotel-On Road

On-Road Polaris Slingshot Adventures - Mount Washington Hotel

Relax, Dine & Unwind. Travel some of the North Country's most scenic roads to Mt. Washington Hotel. The hotel offers a variety of dining experiences from fine dining to a pub & steakhouse. Explore the meticulously maintained historic hotel & grounds during your visit. The hotel, dining & scenic views are sure to impress. If you're looking to see & do more during your visit the area offers many other activities & shopping.

Mt. Washington Auto Road-On Road

On-Road Polaris Slingshot Adventures - Washington Auto Road

No Doors, No Roof, No Regrets! Elevate your on road experience by reaching the highest peak in the North East. Between the driving experience of the Slingshot & the adventure of reaching this famous peak, this on road adventure is truly unique & can be found no where else. Panaramic views, unpredicatable climate changes, cloud formations, history & location make this on road adventure unforgettable!

  • Beaver Brook<br>Falls-Off Road
  • April's Maple<br>Off Road
  • Mt. Washington<br>Hotel-On Road
  • Mt. Washington<br>Auto-On Road