Snowmobile Adventures

Explore, enjoy & venture out into winter from behind the handlebars of a brand new Polaris Indy snowmobile this winter! 


Blazing Trails in Pittsburg, NH

For a day of riding in the Pittsburg area, we suggest starting early and having breakfast at Happy Corner Cafe’. This  conveniently located restaurant  is next to Young's store’ an iconic stop “for generally everything” and a great place to load up on supplies & fuel. This spot is a site to see on the weekends, drawing  thousands of sleds, prepping for an epic day in the  North Country.
 After filling your belly and gearing up,  Hit the Trails!  The first stop is  Garfield Falls, 60 foot three tiered waterfall, a hidden gem in Pittsburg. Just off  Trail 112, south of the  intersection of 143 is this spectacular crystallized wonder. Be sure to load up on snacks from Young’s for  the intersection of 143 is a popular spot to stop & feed the Canadian Gray Jays.  The falls are accessible via a footpath on the east  side of the trail and about ¼ of a mile walk.Walking in full gear is a challenge but well worth the effort. There is a wooden kiosk as a marker just near the falls and  a handy outhouse for the more modest riders.
Next stop, Diamond Ridge. This destination offers spectacular  views of the Connecticut Lakes Region. Everyone will enjoy the perfectly groomed, winding trail to the forested summit for expansive views at an elevation of 3,230 feet. The summit looks like a scene out the Grinch with snow crusted trees  and crookedly healed over from the weight of the never ending snowfall. Hang out at the summit and breathe the crips air. Winter at it’s finest.
Take a long easy ride  via route 5 towards the Canadian border, where the wildlife is abundant and trails meander forever. Wide open trails that give you the freedom of focus without the fear of tight corners, brings the sled to life. 
If you’re lucky enough to ride on Saturday and you want to eat like a local, a must stop is the Pittsburg Ridge Runners Club House.Open from 10-2, stop in for some homemade soup & support the club that keeps all trails groomed perfect. Located at Deer mountain Campground on second Connecticut Lake.You can expect things like Cathy’s Venison stew, Anita’s split pea w/ham  and Clubhouse Turkey soup. Trust me it’s worth the stop.


Dixville Peaks / Reaching New Heights

Riding to the peaks in Dixville is a thrill on the ascent & is topped off with a spectacular view. Choose a  bright blue skied day to travel through Swift Diamond Rider territory, that is known for the best groomed trails in the North Country.
Start your day in Stewartstown at the local breakfast hot spot The Spa, before tackling an epic ride  this area is known for . Try the crepes with real maple syrup before heading out giving you the energy to tackle the day. ( you are on the Canadian border so when in Rome) Head South towards Colebrook on the rail trail 3A along the Connecticut River then pick up Corridor 18 up over Sugar Hill. Picking up 134 near the Balsams resort,  will take you up the steeps, giving you an opportunity to hit the throttle and take some serious corners adding to the excitement. The ride up is thrilling and you are met with spectacular views at the top.  Here is another opportunity to feed the canadian Gray Jays. They will literally land on your head if there is food placed there. ( it really does work)
Moving on towards Millsfield gives you great riding through canopied trails and brings you to Errol . Take a ride around a Buffalo Farm and end up at LLCote “Toys for Big Girls & Boys” that is an epicenter for all trails. 

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