Mt. Washington Hotel<h1>DINE & RELAX</h1> Beaver Brook Falls<h1>PICNIC & HIKE</h1> Mt. Washington Auto Road<h1>NEW HEIGHTS</h1> Find Sweet Success Off Road<h1>APRIL'S MAPLE!</h1>

Choose Your Adventure

Bear Rock Adventures lets you choose your riding terrain!

We carry a brand new fleet of Polaris on & off road rental vehicles. Listed below are some of our staff & rental customers favorite local attractions. There's no need to book your desired adventure now. Just let our staff know during your check out process what local destination caught your eye & we'll provide the directions.

April's Maple-Off Road 

Pick Your Own Adventure - April's Maple

Beaver Brook Falls-Off Road

 Pick Your Own Adventure - Beaver Brook Falls

Mt. Washington Hotel-On Road

Pick Your Own Adventure - Mount Washington Hotel

Mt. Washington Auto Road-On Road

Pick Your Own Adventure - Mount Washington Auto Road (Slinghsot Rentals)

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Google Map

  • Mt. Washington<br>Auto-On Road
  • Beaver Brook<br>Falls-Off Road
  • April's Maple<br>Off Road
  • Mt. Washington<br>Hotel-On Road